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On the Source – Day 34

August 11, 2017

Well, it's time to put this particular chapter in my Weyward Lady 'Travels along the Cut' blog to bed. We never did make it to the source but in truth we never intended to. Kelmscot in Oxfordshire was as far west as we got. Going any further just involves twisting and turning along a very narrow river finally ending up at Lechlade, not our most favourite of riverside towns. Given we never ventured on to a canal, we had a very good, just as interesting, and infinitely easier passage by staying on the Thames. But not as challenging.

Going up the River Wey on Wednesday morning we encountered some of the worst boating weather I can remember. We did have a modicum of good fortune however.
Going through Thames Lock the first lock on the River Wey

At the second lock we met a narrowboat which not only was it coming down, which meant the lock was set, but it had come through the lock to turn and go back upstream. Serendipity!
Three hours later we were safely tied up in Pyrford Marina and, 1/2 hour after that, home having a 'nice cup of tea'
Now the only reminder of our adventure away is five washing machine loads of laundry (plus ironing) and a garden that would be better suited as the set of Jurassic Park.
I'm sure I didn't have that chin before I went away. Let's put it down to camera angle. Please.

Anyway, thanks from Pretty Officer Sue and Cap'n Ed and we hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as we've enjoyed writing it.

Pip Pip


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  1. So glad you both had an enjoyable trip. It’s certainly been enjoyable reading about it …l shall miss your daily jottings. Perhaps you could start a new one on the clearance of Jurassic Park. Wd be good to meet up and share a brew in our local.


  2. Steve baker permalink

    Really enjoyed your daily blog.
    Can we believe now your back that better weather is now on the way.


  3. Tobz permalink

    Great Blog as always Pops


  4. Jenny and Pinky permalink

    Absolutely loved hearing about your travels on the River Thames. Certainly got to know the names of all the pubs on your journey. We will miss your witty blogs. A great start to every morning.


  5. Lynne Bruton permalink

    Thank you for your very entertaining blog. We miss our boat so much but due to my husband brain tumour we had to sell her, so it’s a pleasure following your blogs.


  6. Peter King permalink

    Well done Edward and I thought that I knew most of the Thames’s history? Very interesting and most entertaining!
    I can’t wait for your next ‘rant’ – look out motorists!!


  7. David and Jane nb. Rowan permalink

    Spendid reading. Most amusing. Plenty of places on the Thames I never knew about. Nice to see pictures of Nick Allen and Melodeon. We are very good boating friends of Rodney, Melodeon’s original and previous owner to Nick. Wondered why we hadn’t seen you up the ‘system’. Hope Sue’s wrist has mended.


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